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Kuk Sool Won is the world’s most comprehensive and fastest growing martial arts system and was founded by In Hyuk Suh, Grandmaster and President of the World Kuk Sool Association.  He has studied martial arts for more than 50 years after receiving his first instruction from his grandfather, Myung Duk Suh.


 “Kuk Sool Won” is best understood by breaking it down into its three sections. “Kuk” translates to ‘nation’ ‘state’ or ‘country’. “Sool” literally means ‘martial art technique’.  However, “Sool's” implied meaning goes deeper to include the mental, spiritual and philosophical heritage of Korean martial arts. “Won” means institution or association. The entire name, "Kuk Sool Won" can be translated to “National Martial Arts Association”.


Kuk Sool is a complete Martial Art that is dedicated to the cultivation of mental strength and well being and to the preservation of traditional Korean Martial Arts.  For self-defence, Kuk Sool is unsurpassed.  It combines kicking, punching, throwing, falling, choking, joint locking and a myriad of weapons techniques into a beautiful and dynamic “hard-soft” style, emphasising speed and fluidity.  In conjunction with physical training, meditation, breathing, acupressure and acupuncture techniques are employed to improve and maintain health, develop internal power and retard the ageing process.  Philosophically, Kuk Sool emphasises humility, self discipline, loyalty and respect for others.  Together these four aspects of Kuk Sool provide the means for attaining a long and healthier life.


Kuk Sool can benefit men, women and children from ages 6 - 60.  Through diligent practice, Kuk Sool training will develop strength, quickness, balance timing, flexibility and co-ordination.  At the same time powers of concentration, self discipline and self control significantly improve.  In addition, regular practice will enhance circulation and digestion, reduce problems of the back and joints and help with weight loss (as long as you are watching what you eat!).  It will also help to develop and maintain a youthful appearance and these benefits will positively affect all aspects of your life.


For more detailed information regarding Kuk Sool Won, please see the Official WKSA website:

World Kuk Sool Won Association

To see Kuk Sool in action please go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Y2kvoexLw