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Kicking (Johk Sool) – these kicks are taught from the very basic front kicks to the more advanced spinning kicks as you grow more confident.

Joint Locks
– many joint locks are used in Kuk Sool to put locks on their attackers thus disabling them.

Hand Strikes (Soo Ki)
– punching, blocking and pressure point striking techniques are taught.

Training also includes performing Hyungs (forms).  There are 5 different forms to perfect and learn to achieve your black belt.  In addition, all forms have five guiding principles:

  • Mind Clear & Calm
  • Eyes Sunshine Bright
  • Body Low, Soft and Supple
  • Hands Fast & Precise
  • Kicks Slow & Delibarate

The list goes on for 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree etc. and also you learn different weapon Forms.

Break Falls (Nak Bub) - these are used so that when you are doing techniques or at any time you are thrown or fall, you fall correctly and do not hurt yourself.

– Many traditional Korean Weapons are taught from Dahn Bo Nim onwards, these include s
words (short, long, single and double, straight and inverted), staff (short, middle and long, single and double), jool bong (double and triple sectioned; also known as nunchucks and knife, spear, cane, rope, and fan techniques.

Meditation and Breathing Techniques
– These are taught to enable the student to “get away from it all” without getting away.  The m
editation and breathing postures concentrate on relaxing you and help to clear your mind.