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We have seven Adult Instructors and two Junior Black Belts:

SBN David Watts (4th Degree) 
PSBN Jamie Noon (3rd Degree)
PSBN Emma-Jane (3rd Degree) 
JKN Daniel (1st Degree)
JKN Louise (1st Degree)
JKN Nathan (1st Degree)
JKN Gaz (1st Degree)
JKN Bethan (1st Degree)
Junior Black Belts:

JKN Jacob  
SBN Dave has been training for approximately 14 years and was promoted to 4th Degree in June 2016.  SBN Dave currently trains under the careful Instruction of Master John Gravenall of Kuk Sool Won Tamworth/Birmingham.

JKN Louise has not been training as much but she is always at Class and happy to answer any questions.  JKN Louise mainly does all the Administrative tasks behind the scenes of Kuk Sool Won (and keeps the website updated) which wouldn't get done otherwise!

SBN Dave and JKN Louise obtained their 1st Degree in May 2003 and SBN Dave went on and achieved his 2nd Degree in June 2006 and 3rd Degree in June 2011, he has recently obtained his 4th Degree (June 2016), which includes fan techniques, twin swords and various other weapons.  His main aim is to reach 5th Degree (Master level) and with time and practice I am sure he will.

PSBN Jamie obtained his 3rd Degree at the same time as PSBN Dave, but then went on to have a family so hasn't pursued his 4th Degree yet.

PSBN Emma is a School teacher and has currently obtained her 3rd Degree in November 2017 in Liverpool.
JKN Daniel obtained his Black Belt in May 2015 and is eager to carry on learning and is getting married in 2018, we wish him all the best.
JKN Bethan also promoted to Black Belt in 2015 along with JKN Daniel and is currently testing for her 2nd degree.
JKN Nathan promoted in Liverpool 2016 and is often in class on a Saturday helping the Junior class.
JKN Gaz promoted in Norwich 2017 and is keen to carry on and learn and also often helps out in the Junior class on Saturdays.
JKN Jacob promoted in Norwich 2017 with JKN Gaz, he is very keen to get on and learn more weapons. 

SBN Dave & JKN Louise
Our Wedding Day